Statement about hossein ravanbakhsh

The tenor and content of HosseinRavanbakhsh’s works mostly concern the old cultural and traditional heritage of Iranians, Indians, and Far Easterners. His orientation of mythical and ritual issues of these regions, which is reflected in the usage of visual forms, fine architectural features, and also their lifestyles from distant past to modern societies, has led to the production of some works with minimum colors and repetition of spindle-like forms hinting at concepts, such as death and life, creation of the universe and human, Gaya Maretan, darkness and light, unity in diversity, power of digits and letters and the contemporary life of mankind.

His works are typically produced on raw unprimed linen with ink and cloth colors and also on fabricated Fabriano papers with acrylic colors, markers, crayons, and free pens, generally on 60*80 and 70*110 cm-sized ones. His naïve style has reached the point where color contrast and shapes are produced through mere puncturing by needles and nails. He believes that art and work of art are just like kids games, which are taken seriously in adulthood, and he considers artistic work as his duty and homage to humanity and nature of life.


Welcome to Hossein Ravanbakhsh's official website.This website contains a selection of Ravanbakhsh's artworks. He lives and works in Qaemshahr, Iran


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