Hossein Ravanbakhsh


Born in 1978, Babol, Iran

  • High school diploma in Graphic at AmirKabir High School, Babol, 1995
  • College diploma in Graphic at Imam Mohammad Bagher College, Sari, 1998
  • Graduated in Painting at Sooreh University, Shiraz, 2006

Several group exhibitions in the following galleries:

  • Group Exhibition of Graphic Students, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Sari ,Iran , 1998
  • 1th Dr.Soundozi Iran Contemporary Drawing Festival, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran, 2007
  • Group Painting Exhibition of Mazandaran’s Artists, “KHANEH KHORSHID”, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • The First Exhibition on the Works of Selected Artists of Galleries of Iran, Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute, Tehran, Iran, 2008
  • Second Tehran Art Expo,Vahdat Gallery, 2008
  • Group Painting Exhibition,Afrand Gallery, 2008
  • Group Painting Exhibition of Mazandaran Avant-garde Painters, HajmeSabz Gallery, Qaemshahr, Iran, 2009
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2010
  • Painting Exhibition along with Bardia Haddadi,Zar Gallery, Amol, 2010
  • Group Painting and Sculpture Exhibition of Mazandaran’s Artists,"Honare emroz" Institute, Qaemshahr, 2012
  • Fine Art Exhibition of Mazandaran’s Artists regarding Art Week,Niavaran Palace Complex, Tehran, 2012
  • Group art exhibition “14+1”, regarding the Official Opening of Daneh Art Institute, Qaemshahr, Iran, 2012
  • Group yellow paintings exhibition, Daneh art Institute, Qaemshahr, Iran, 2012
  • Group painting and drawing exhibition of Art Institutes in Q’aemshahr, Iran, 2013
  • Group visual art exhibition, regarding the Official Opening of Roha Art Institute, Babol, Iran, 2013
  • The Expo of Several Generations of Iranian Artist’s, Laleh art gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2013
  • Group painting exhibition, Aria art gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2013
  • The first art expo of Several artists, Daneh Art Institute, Qaemshahr, Iran, 2013

Solo Exhibitions:

  • The first Solo Panting Exhibition, Haftayeneh Gallery, Sari, 2011


  • Selected in 1st Sand Sculptures Festival, Babolsar, Iran, 2005


  • Presenting several articles in Barforosh, Magazine of Literary and Cultural Babolians’ Society Resident in Tehran, from 2008 to 2012
  • Presenting an article in ShokohSalmandan, Magazine of Babolhavaej Elderly Charity, 2008
  • Presenting the article “Generation Companionship” in Tandis Art Magazine172, 2009
  • Presenting the review “The Trace of Trunk Texture in Drawing” in Tandis Art Magazine208, 2010
  • Writing a review in relation to Mehdi Saadatmand’s Painting Exhibition at Mowlaeian Gallery, 2012
  • Writing a review in relation to Solo Exhibition on a Review of 10 years Painting of Jalaledin Mashmouli With the Help of Goharzad Publication, 2012

Executive Records:

  • Founder and manager of “Namira” Art Gallery, Babol, Iran 2003
  • 1th and 2ndSand Sculptures Festival, Babolsar, Iran, 2005, 2006
  • 1th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium as Mohammad Reza Zabihollahzadeh’s Assistant in creating the Sculpture of "Gardooneh Mehr",Tehran, Iran, 2007
  • Preparations Manager of the 4th Sand Sculptures Festival, Babolsar, Iran, 2008
  • Executive and Artistic Manager of Bardia Haddadi’s Painting Exhibitions in Iran, Haftayeneh Gallery (Sari),Zar Gallery (Amol),Iran, 2010
  • Cooperating in the Project of “Felt of Regions of Iran” as the Research Assistant in Cooperation with Abdolreza Hejazi, 2010
  • Executive Committee of the Project of “Art in Village”,Qaemshahr, Iran, from 2010 to 2012
  • Executive Director of the 32nd Project of “Art in Village”, Qaemshahr, Iran, 2011
  • Editorial Committee of Barforosh Magazine, Iran, from 2010 to 2016
  • Manager and Founder of “Daneh Art Institute”, Qaemshahr, Iran, 2012
  • Executive and Curator of “14+1 Group Art Exhibition” regarding the Official Opening of Daneh Art Institute, Qaemshahr, Iran, 2012


  • Painting Performance at the Ruined Building of the Old Bathhouse, kotena, Qaemshahr, Iran, 2011
  • Showing a video at the Ruined Building of the Old Bathhouse, at 32nd project of “Art in Village”, kotena, Qaemshar, Iran, 2012
  • “Painting on Wooden Boxes” Workshop, Kotena, Qaemshahr, Iran, 2012


  • Completing four specialized training courses on “Understanding Iran and World Myths”, conducted by Dr. Abolghasem Esmaeilpour, Saba Cultural Institute, Tehran, Iran, from 2007 to 2009



Welcome to Hossein Ravanbakhsh's official website.This website contains a selection of Ravanbakhsh's artworks. He lives and works in Qaemshahr, Iran


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